Micro Auto Gasification System (MAGS)

MAGS is a patented, world's most compact, efficient, and environmentally safe technology for the conversion of a variety of wastes to produce thermal energy for use in the form of hot water.



MAGS can be used to eliminate all combustible wastes or by-products produced by a ship, community, or institution, while sterilizing the inorganic portion of the waste. Waste streams which can easily be treated without the need for segregation include but are not limited to paper/cardboard, plastics, food, oily rags, oils, and sludge.

Biomass Gasifier

Biomass Gasifier is a patented technology and design which breaks down biomass, organic, and fossil fuel-based carbonaceous wastes to produce syngas, electricity or hot water for utility.


Its capacity is customizable for users with a larger waste profile, bringing greater efficiency, economies of scale and offer excellent value for money.

Pelletization Machine

The YSK-200T is one of the world's most advanced pelletization machines. It produces very high quality pellets with very low ash content.  

Our patented technology can accept up to 20% plastic waste in the feedstock and thus help address plastic waste issues. 


Another patented technology is based on our machine using almost no lubricant and therefore reducing operating costs and downtime and resulting in high productivity and higher profit margins for users.

The YSK-200T can be customized to various capacities to meet customers' requirements.

Medical Waste Treatment Machine is compliant with WHO's Safe Management of Waste from Health-care Activities guidelines.


Waste undergoes pyrolysis, does not require any water, and has no liquid discharge, explosion risk or toxic emissions.


The residue is dry, odour-free, and can be disposed of through normal means.

Medical Waste Treatment Machine

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