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MAGS at Gardens By the Bay

Creating a localized circular economy

MURSUN created the first of its kind localized circular economy project at Gardens by the bay. The project is in collaboration with NEA, SP Group and Gardens by the Bay where Mursun provides a turnkey solution using a compact gasification technology. 


Singapore's first in...

  • Treating a variety of waste including general waste, food waste and horticulture waste onsite

  • Converting the heat generated from waste to produce hot potable water which benefits the food court

  • Using low grade waste heat of <60 degree Celsius to generate cold air

Heat to Cool (HTC) 

MAGS’s low grade waste heat (<60 degree Celsius) is being used to produce cold air. The two-stage of dehumidifying and cooling by making use of waste heat significantly improves Electrical COP compared to conventional chiller.

  1. Ambient air is first dehumidified through desiccant coated heat exchanger. MAGS’s waste heat is being used to regenerate the desiccant. 

  2. Dehumidified air is then cooled through a small evaporative chiller.

The cool air cools the shelter and creates a comfortable working environment. 1 MAGS has the waste heat capacity to provide cooling for >300sq.m indoor space.

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