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MURSUN has two technological solutions to convert waste to energy:


  • The first is to apply advanced gasification technologies to convert all types of wastes (except nuclear waste) into energy for direct utility (like electricity, hot water, etc).


  • The second is to apply advanced pelletization technologies to convert agricultural, forestry, wood, and horticultural wastes into biomass fuel pallets (BFP) which can be sold as a fuel source.


Unlike incineration, gasification is advanced technology which gasifies or sublimates wastes instead of "burning" them. This is an exothermic process which thermally breaks down organic or fossil fuel based carbonaceous wastes completely. In the process, large amounts of CO and H2 are released forming synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas is then combusted to generate thermal energy and subsequently converted to utility products like electricity.


The gasification process reduces the waste to about 5% of its original weight to a biochar form, which is essentially an inorganic carbon compound rich in minerals that can be mixed with fertilizer to enhance growth of plants. In contrast, the toxic ash resulted from incineration is about 15% of the weight of the waste and has to be buried in landfills.


Emissions are much cleaner than those of incineration and meet the world’s environmental standards. Gasification also significantly reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For every ton of waste, 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions are saved when compared to incineration. Importantly, the cleaner emissions allow gasification WTE facilities to be located in populated areas in many countries. This allows waste treatment at or near places where they are generated such that processing can be expedited and energy readily channeled to benefit local communities.


Unique to MURSUN’s Gasification


MURSUN’s patented gasification WTE system is unique in that it can also function as an energy system with assured, consistent power output. Users of MURSUN’s gasification system can use it like a power generator to power utilities or like a boiler for water heating systems.



MURSUN’s advanced pelletization technology can effectively convert agricultural, forestry, wood, and horticultural wastes into biomass fuel pallets (BFP) to be sold to energy industries and retail markets. MURSUN’s patented technology can extract more energy (thus commercial value) from these wastes with very low ash content of less than 1%. Our technology is also able to accept up to 20% plastic waste in the feedstock and thus help address plastic waste issues.  Another patented technology wherein our pelletization machines use almost no lubricant and reduce operating costs and downtime results in high productivity and higher profit margins for users.

Gasification and Pelletization Technologies

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