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WTE Products

MAGS (Micro Auto Gasification System) is a patented, world's most compact, efficient, and environmentally safe technology for the conversion of a variety of wastes to produce thermal energy for use by the site where the wastes are generated.

Biomass Gasifier is a patented technology which breaks down biomass, organic, and fossil fuel based carbonaceous materials to produce electricity or hot water onsite. Its capacity is customizable for users with a large waste profile, bringing greater efficiency and economies of scale.

Pelletization Machine is a patented technology which converts agricultural, forestry, wood, and horticultural wastes into biomass fuel pellets. These pellets have high calorific value and clean burning. It has wide applications from cooking to electrical power generation.

Medical Waste Treatment Machine is a patented technology where medical waste undergoes pyrolysis. It is compliant with WHO's Safe Management of Waste from Health-Care Activities guidelines and is certified by NRL-BHDT.

Biomass Fuel Pellets

Biomass Fuel Pellets (BFP) are an alternate and cleaner fuel source with attractive calorific values and low operating costs. Our BFP are high quality, maintain material integrity, and produce a low ash content, and are sourced from leading suppliers using state-of-the-art pelletization machines.

Water Recycling Products

WETT-O (Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology for Oily Water) is the first Type Approved electrochemical treatment system for marine oily bilge water. WETT-O can also be used for other oily wastewater, such as vehicle wash water and industrial oily water. WETT-O converts oily water for safe discharge.

WETT-G (Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology for Greywater) is an approach for treating greywater originating from showers, bathing, and laundry for reuse in various ways.

WETT-S (Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology for Sewage) tackles sewage, concentrated sewage, industrial wastewater and blackwater for safe discharge or irrigation.

Wastec’s Mineral Water Purification System turns raw water from lake, river and sea into drinking water on a mobile device. It is very suitable for humanitarian and disaster relief operations, remote communities, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, schools, military operations, fire departments, and simple water purification plants.

Advanced Air Purifier Product

E.A Mask Air Purifier is the leading air purifier, decomposing harmful air particles efficiently over long durations.

Its 806m3/h large purification capability outperforms the market at 2 to 3 times.
At up to 99.99% of air treatment and purification, our air purifier has set a new industry record.
E.A Mask is best used in enclosed areas like airports, classrooms, hotels, shopping centers, and trains.

Micro Bubbles Product

YJEV Micro-Bubble Generator is designed to generate and inject tiny bubbles of gas for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications.

This invention dramatically increases the effects of the injected gases in liquids and significantly improves efficiency.

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