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Micro bubbles are tiny bubbles of gas injected into liquids such as waste water. This dramatically increases the effects of injected gases in the liquids and has a wide range of industrial and agricultural uses.


One such use is the treatment of waste water through substantially improving biological decomposition activity, with the effect of degrading odoriferous components rapidly and reducing the bad smell from the water rapidly.  


The YJEV system was developed in Japan and represents a huge leap in micro bubble technology.


What makes our technology unique is that it solves one of the major problems of scalability in the micro bubble industry.


  • The system is so effective that the total gas concentration can reach 30% (compared to the usual 2-8% achieved in other such generators).

  • There are no complex mechanical components or chemical consumables, reducing maintenance and operating costs.

  • Uses very little power to operate.

  • Does not require extremely high pressures to effectively operate (1 bar is sufficient).


This technology can substantially improve the performance of existing processes in:


  • Wastewater treatment

  • Agriculture

  • Fish farming

  • Industrial chemical applications

  • Breweries

YJEV Micro-Bubble Generator

Here are some examples of projects which have implemented our system:


Chemical factory in Japan

Problem: High energy cost of waste water treatment.



- Waste water volume: 2,500 m3/day

- Average BOD: 2,000mg/l

- BOD load: 5,000kg-BOD/day

- Oxygen aeration: 5.5kw x 14 units


Outcome: Four YJ units (12xYJ-21 + 4x5.5kw pumps) have replaced the old system. The energy usage has been reduced to less than 1/3.


Dairy factory CIP system

Problem: Conventional CIP (Cleaning In Place) with alkali chemicals and hot water could not completely remove solidified protein.


Outcome: A YJ-21 Sanitary Ferrule Type has completely cleaned solidified protein residue and reduced the chemical usage greatly.


Industrial cooling tower

Problem: Bacteria, lime scale, slime mold, and algae.


Outcome: YJ-Nozzle installed, significantly reducing these problems and improving cooling tower efficiency.


Cosmetic factory

Problem: Odor, excess coagulation sludge, and activated sludge.



- Volume: 150m3/day   

- BOD after coagulation: 7000mg/l

- Process: Incoming tank (100m3) -> Coagulation -> Pre-treatment tank (100m3) -> Anaerobic tank -> Aeration tank -> Settling tank (one YJ-9 at incoming tank and another at pre-treatment tank).



- Odor was gone after a day!

- BOD was reduced from 7000mg/l to 3000mg/l.

- Flocculants usage cut in half.

- Reduced excess coagulation and activated sludge by 1/2.


Seafood processing factory

Problem: Strong odor (acetaldehyde) in waste water treatment system.



- Waste water volume: 150 m3/day


Outcome: A single YJ-9 nozzle with a higher than normal pressure pump has solved the odor problem and improved the BOD.

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