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Mr. Eddy Tan

Mr. Tan is currently the head of Smart Cities Division of Nova Group, a MNC with headquarters in Malaysia, specialized in e-government, smart city development and e-healthcare. 


For the past two decades, Mr. Tan has focused on digitalising construction, the industry in which he has spent most of his career. Mr. Tan’s expertise is in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), the disruptive digital technology revolutionizing the industry, allowing unparalleled design optimization, delivery and use of buildings.  This has organically grown to take in VR, AR, IOT and AI advances, all under the Smart Cities concept.


Regularly, Tan gets invited to present and share his ideas and experience in courses and forums conducted by BCA Academy in Singapore, engineering institutions and universities in the region including China and Russia. Mr. Tan graduated from National University of Singapore as a qualified Civil Engineer.  

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