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BFP has gained popularity over the past 7 years as an alternate fuel source to coal, diesel, and natural gas. 

  • Attractive calorific values, cleaner to burn, and low operating costs.

  • Wide applications ranging from cooking, heating boilers, to electricity generation.

  • Classified as renewable: agricultural and forestry waste sources are harvested throughout the year.

  • BFP is lower in sulfur, nitrogen, ash, chlorine, and other chemicals than coal and traditional fossil fuels. The ash remainder from the pellets after burning is at less than 1% of the original mass of the pellets.

  • Many countries have turned to BFP to replace coal in their coal plants.

  • MURSUN BFP is sourced from leading suppliers using state-of-the-art pelletization machines.

    • High quality, maintains material integrity, and low ash content.

Biomass Fuel Pellets

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